Antonina Bodywork

COVID-19 Safeguards

Masks are optional during treatment as of May, 2023.

I have been vaccinated and received all current boosters, and ask that all those coming in have had a COVID vaccination.

The COVID virus continues to have an impact and be a source of anxiety for some people who have health issues that put them in the high-risk category for serious issues if they get COVID—or they are caring for someone at high risk. Please keep this in mind, and if you feel under the weather, do not come in for a session.

The time after each session needs to be used to clean and prepare for the next session. Also, most people still feel safer knowing that they won’t be sitting in the waiting room with other people, so please plan on arriving no more than five minutes before your session, and limit time in the waiting room after your session.

Thank you for your efforts and patience.



Antonina Bodywork offers structural-style, deep-tissue therapeutic bodywork and sports massage. Located in Central Square, Cambridge MA.