Antonina Bodywork

Antonina Colbert, LCMT

Antonina's approach to bodywork is simple. The short-term goal is always to alleviate pain. The long-term goal is to bring about change that will last and increase the awareness you feel of your body and how you move it. She works with the understanding that the fascial, muscular, and skeletal structures are intertwined in the creation of pain and tension in our bodies. Lasting relief from pain-causing compensatory patterns can only happen if this interweaving is taken into account. She is a follower of Tom Myers's research and theories of Anatomy Trains.

She works with athletes, musicians, and dancers, as well as hard-working business people and over-worked computer users. She has a specialty in working with post-operative situations, including rehabilitation from--and preparation for--joint-replacement surgery.

Having experienced lower-disc injuries and arthroscopic surgery herself, she understands the frustration caused by an injury and nagging pain during rehabilitation. She uses her skill, intuition and therapeutic training to help your body heal.

She focused on deep tissue massage at the Massage Institute of New England, and obtained advanced training in structural deep tissue from Ellen Halpern. She has been an Assistant Instructor for the Structural Deep Tissue series at Cortiva. Before opening her own practice, she worked in the medical establishment at both Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and Fenway Community Health Center. Antonina often collaborates with acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapists, osteopaths and other health practitioners to ensure the benefits of her sessions complement these treatments.

She integrates techniques from multiple modalities, draws on her love and knowledge of anatomy, and holds great respect and awe for the complexity of the human body. The main modalities incorporated are Structural Style Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, and Therapeutic Bodywork. Pregnancy Massage and Reiki are also offered. Visceral massage will be offered in the near future.

She is licensed by the state of Massachusetts, and is a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). She is also a certified practioner of MotherMassage® / Pregnancy Massage, and holds a Reiki I certification.

An invaluable asset to Antonina's work has been her life-long experience as an athlete and love of learning. She is an avid trail runner, all-weather surfer and backcountry skier, player of the beautiful game of fútbol, yoga practitioner, and cyclist.

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Antonina Bodywork offers deep tissue bodywork, sports massage, visceral massage, pelvic floor pain relief, and pregnancy massage. Located in Central Square, Cambridge MA. Antonina Colbert