Antonina Bodywork

Intake Form

The intake form is an Adobe Acrobat PDF form. If you are able to complete it before your visit, we can start your session as soon as you walk in the door. You can either fill out the form by hand, or fill it out on your computer.

If filling the form out on your computer, **Please note** that some blank forms have been sent in the past. To avoid this, please do not fill the form out in your browser window.

The form must be downloaded to your computer, opened, and re-saved ("Save As" your last name+first name) before you begin to fill it out.

The form will not save data if information is entered via the browser window.

If you enter data via the browser window, you will (unfortunately) have to re-enter the information.

Before eMailing the file to me, please save and re-open to make sure your information has been saved.

My email address is antoninabodywork (at) gmail (dot) com.

Click here to download the intake form.

Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here. The Preview application on a Macintosh will also work, as will most other generic text-writing applications.



Antonina Bodywork offers structural-style, deep-tissue therapeutic bodywork, sports massage, and pelvic floor pain relief. Located in Central Square, Cambridge MA.